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The customisation process takes 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the complexity and sophistication of your jewellery design.


We place strong emphasis on selecting quality gems and conduct stringent checks during the crafting process. And do not recommend rushing this process so that we can do our best to ensure your jewellery is perfect. 

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Just like you and I, every gem is unique. This bespoke journey starts with picking out a gem that speaks to your soul.


We meticulously hand-select each individual gemstone for our pieces. From engagement rings, wedding rings to fine jewellery, Gems Origin sources rare gems, fine jewels, and divine diamonds from far-flung lands to mark those cherished moments in your life.

When choosing to work with us, you can expect dedicated care, time, and attention at every step of your journey, to either create something brand new or to reset old jewellery which you already own – lending them a new lease of life.

At Gems Origin, we make the design process as streamlined as possible. Once you select your gemstone, we work directly with you to craft a custom design that reflects both your individuality and personality. Whatever your style and preference, the sky is the limit to what we can achieve in our studio! 

Gems Origin customised pieces are curated with you, for you.

We take great pride in ensuring that every Gems Origin jewellery piece is exquisitely handcrafted.  And strive for perfection, extreme care and attention in each crafting process.

Whether you're seeking a bespoke-made ring or reimagining an heirloom, we’re on-hand to craft your perfect piece. Our hand-drawn designs are  brought to life in the heart of Singapore by delicate artisan craftsman, resulting in the most exquisite handmade jewels you’ll lay your eyes on.

This is most exciting part of the entire customisation process! When your jewellery piece leaves our artisan's bench, it is ready to adorn both your life, and your wardrobe for that multiple 'Outfit Of the Day' ensembles

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